Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Better Beginning.

 It was an afternoon, one not so quaint with sounds of cheers of crowds surrounding the city walls, the sounds of which can be heard from the harbor to the city gates, even the roads leading away from the city. The streets were empty, where men filled the crowd, looking for things to do, things to sell and things to buy. Today it was deserted, the harbor almost lifeless, save the ships loading and unloading, the common sight of men haggling over products, fish from the seas, spices from Mendria, jewels from the Golden Triangle and their bodyguards, commonly Lavlandian aren’t there. Even the guards patrolling the walls are few and few, those who are on duty cursing their ill luck for their rosters; most of the men and women in the city itself is converging around only one area, the Old Keep and Winstern Square.

 Within the joyous city, inside a dark passageway lit with torches, a man in his early 20's is walking. The man, dressed in a white tunic, with the exception of a blood red sash tied around his waist a sword and a bloody shield on his sleeve, on his waist, a sword with a leather scabbard and a silver pommel and on his head, a gilded crown, embellished with golden roses, thorns jutting out.

The man walked through the passageway towards the end, from which he can see draped curtains, also blood red. He walked out, towards the balcony to see the blue skies painted with white clouds and the cobbled square filled with people. All here for me. The crowd was eager to see the man who will lead them through times past from 300 years of occupation by the Matronians. The man is their new king, King Thomas Cana in this newly independent nation, Contrinia.

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